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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Pre Wedding (with dialog)

he said: Surprise.....!! ^^

she said: like a monkey or spiderman, I don't know,
but I Love You

he said: you've pretty dear ^^

he said: be careful!!

she said: do you know this?
he said: emm.., sorry I don't know?
she said: What? how I could love a man like you? :D

she said: I'm confused
he said: yea.. me too

he n she said: We will rock n roll...!!

she said: Happy Birthday.. ^^

Uppss Sensor ;)

he said: hey look, they shoot us..?
she said: yea.., you right.

he said: sorry my car trouble..

she said: it's okay, I have a backup car.. ;)

he said: Stooopppp..
she said: ohh.., so hot!

he said: woow... Slowly!!

he said: what do you think about my voice?
she said: not bad..

he said: what she is doing?

he said: do you think I like a ballerina?

she said: waaw.. we can flying
he said: emm.. I think not..?

she said: want a green apple?

student said: oh.. this is embarrassing!

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